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abs ascend:
8 week core catalyst

Welcome to Abs Ascend: 8-Week Core Catalyst, the next step in your journey to developing a stronger, more resilient core. This program builds upon the foundation established by Core Ignition, aiming to elevate your core strength, enhance functional ability, and amplify your fitness potential. Abs Ascend is structured into two distinct phases, each designed to advance your core training by intensifying your routine and incorporating advanced techniques to challenge your core dynamically


Program Phases


Phase 1: Core Refinement (Weeks 1-4)


The first phase, Core Refinement, focuses on deepening your core strength with a series of advanced exercises that build on the initial gains made in Core Ignition. This phase aims to refine your technique, increase core stability, and enhance muscle control.The objective is to hone your ability to execute core movements with precision, preparing you for the more complex demands of the next phase.


Phase 2: Functional Amplification (Weeks 5-8)


Functional Amplification takes your training to the next level by integrating functional exercises that mimic real-world activities and sports-specific movements. These exercises are designed to improve your core’s ability to perform under various stresses, enhancing its functionality and effectiveness in everyday life.

Download the FULL instructional guide and disclaimer before getting started!

P1 - Resisted Leg Lowering  Dead Bugs
P1 - Cable Rope Crunch  3:1 Tempo
P1 - Side Plank Plate Rotation
P1 - Stability Ball Single Knee Tuck
Phase 1: core refinement
P2 - Hanging Knee Raise
P2 - Cable Rope Crunch + Oblique
P2 - Single Arm Farmer's Carry
P2 - Kneeling Pallof Press
Phase 2: functional amplification
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