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Pets & Sets

Pets & Sets — a Next Level Fitness Academy brand, originated in the basement of owner Chad Demchik almost 5 years ago. Chad would train his fitness clients with his dog Atlas accompanying the clients for "workout support." The phrase "Pets & Sets" was coined to represent a pet to Atlas and then another set in the workout. 

Atlas was recently diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma cancer and in honor of Atlas and the contribution he has made to the Next Level family over the years, the team is excited to launch an extension of Next Level Fitness Academy that focuses on charitable support to the canine community through health and fitness initiatives, as well as merchandise to showcase love of fitness and our four-legged companions. 

"Atlas is always there to lend a paw when you need that extra push," says Amanda Demchik, Atlas' owner and business operations partner of Next Level. "He is always a welcomed addition to any session and clients love his friendly and unique personality."

With the launch of Pets & Sets, a virtual bootcamp will run the entire month of October 2023, with 20% of donations benefiting the AKC Canine Health Foundation - General Oncology program area. 

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